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Master Wordpress by Mind Map: Master Wordpress
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Master Wordpress

Let's Build Your Wordpress

As A Blog

Easy way, Go find a theme..., install theme, activate theme, customize theme, header, footer, sidebar, use theme options, find extra plugins, what are some of the best plugins, how to install the plugins, activate the plugins, changes settings, How to use wordpress

Hard way, Customize a theme from bare bones, Start with wordpress naked theme, install theme, edit background image/ color, create and add header image, edit footer, CSS intensive, find extra plugins, what are some of the best plugins, how to install the plugins, How to use wordpress


Let's find a good CMS theme, my favorite is wordpress remix, install the theme, activate, customize your theme and explore the options, Let's explore the CSS, how to use the theme to publish like a mad man

What are all of the best plugins to use, activate them, how to install them, edit options for them, names

How to use wordpress as a cms

As A Hybrid Beast!

Use the CMS theme..., Add a blog page to it though!

As A Membership Site

choose your membership script, dlguard, benefits, negatives, how to use, amember, benefits, negatives, how to use

choose your cms theme, install wp remix, activate

create a password protected template, get protect code, copy page.php, add code to top of php

choose page template every time you want to protect a page

Why Wordpress Is So Darned Powerful!

Very Easily Create Content

Tons of plugins so you can easily create the powerhouse you want

Keeps track of all your content

Looks very professional and can be done low budget

fun stuff

change the favicon