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Life Skills by Mind Map: Life Skills

1. important of life skills:

1.1. It is very important for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. There are a number of life skills a teacher can teach and can be centered around the student's individual IEP. It helps because it is a structured system that has elements of teaching themselves. Students also feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish these tasks.

1.2. Life skills objective

1.2.1. Understanding the task at large for real world applications and doing the task efficiently to get it done the right way.

2. Different Examples for Life Skills

2.1. Spending money- Some day some individuals with special needs are going to be out on their own. Teaching them life skills like social and interpersonal skills are important so they know how much they can spend on a certain item, how to ask for help, and addressing the situation as needed. Telling the time, what the weather is like, and how to set up a calendar are everyday skills that one must know. This teaches the students' time management, how to dress, and what time of the year it is.

3. Special Education Life Skills Curriculum: What Does It Include?

4. Special Education: Grocery shopping in the community

4.1. Teaching Life Skills to Special Needs Students