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Validity by Mind Map: Validity

1. Notes

1.1. Validity

1.2. Reliability

1.3. Accuracy

1.4. Content Validity

1.5. Criterion Validity

1.6. Concurrent & Predictive Evidence

1.7. Construct Validity Evidence

2. Objects of Validity

2.1. Validity

2.1.1. Test measure's what it's suppose to

2.2. Reliability

2.2.1. Defined

2.2.2. Do you think the test yields the same or even become similar score rankings consistently?

2.3. Accuracy

2.3.1. Defined

2.3.2. The test score come approximately to an individuals true level of ability and or skill and apitude

3. Criterion related validity

3.1. Two tyoes

3.2. Concurrent validity evidence

3.3. Predictive Validity evidence correlates scores from the new test with a measure of some future performance

4. Content Validity

4.1. Correlates new test with a accepted one

5. Construct Validity evidence