Creative Writing: Storytelling

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Creative Writing: Storytelling by Mind Map: Creative Writing: Storytelling

1. Why is storytelling important?

1.1. Communication Skills

1.2. Creativity

1.2.1. The Importance of Creativity

1.3. Critical Thinking Skills

2. Scientific Writing vs. Creative Writing

2.1. Differences in use and style, however both share writing and communication skills.

3. Reading Written Work

3.1. Poems often can be interpreted in many different ways. More so than the author had intended even though they were likely writing with one idea in mind that they were trying to portray.

3.2. Short stories often take many forms of storytelling.

3.2.1. 1st. 2nd. and 3rd Person Perspectives

3.2.2. Moral and lesson based stories.

3.2.3. Poetic Short stories that require discussion and heavy interpretation.

3.3. Hero's Journey

3.3.1. The hero's Journey is a story guiding tool that many if not all stories tend to follow to some extent.

3.3.2. Sometimes authors will purposefully follow the hero's journey plot because it can make it easier to mold the world around it.

3.3.3. Most of the time though authors write stories and realize afterward that the plot tends to follow many tropes of the Hero's Journey.

4. Writing Yourself

4.1. Students will now "free write" for 5 min. Giving the a sense of informal writing.

4.2. Students will brainstorm writing a short story, later to be written as an assignment.

4.3. Students will free write a poem based on a prompt in class to get them thinking more about what creative writing can look like.