Poetry for Young Minds

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Poetry for Young Minds by Mind Map: Poetry for Young Minds

1. 1. Poetic Techniques

1.1. Terms and definitions

1.2. Imagery

1.3. Types of Poems

2. 2. Versions of Poetry all around us

2.1. Music

2.2. How is your favorite song like poetry?

2.2.1. Step 1: Pick your favorite song

2.2.2. Step 2: pick out any imagery

2.2.3. Step 3: Find any rhyming techniques Rhyme scheme?

2.2.4. Step 4: Are there any other literary devices?

3. 3. Write your own poetry

3.1. What techniques do you like that you've learned about?

3.2. What about your favorite song makes it seem like a good poem?

3.3. Write something/anything

3.3.1. Here's some ways you can brainstorm: