Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest by Mind Map: Amazon Rainforest

1. The food web within the Amazon can begin with producers like; flowers, fruits, leaves, plankton, insects, and dead plant and animal matter. Following this would be organisms like fish, kangaroos, birds, frogs, squirrels, and bats. The consumers following this would be organisms like snakes, owls, platypus, monkeys, deer, elk, and parrots. These small animals would be consumed by carnivores, like tigers, jaguars, cougars, leopards, crocodiles, alligators, green anacondas, pythons, and eagles. Rainforest Food Chain - Tropical Rainforest Food Chain - Rainforest Food

2. Environment

2.1. The Amazon River is home to several amphibians and is being tainted by human use for the purpose of transportation and hydroelectric power through dams. This is effecting the wildlife and the food source for locals. What Are the Uses of the Amazon River?

2.2. The canopy at the top of the rainforest created by the trees serves as a structure for life above and within the trees, like birds and monkeys, while creating shade on the rainforest floor for animals like the jaguar.

3. Wildlife

3.1. The entire food web within the Amazon begins with the producers, that receive their energy through the sun. This environment stays self-sustaining through all primary consumers, secondary consumers, and even decomposers.