Third Grade Learning

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Third Grade Learning by Mind Map: Third Grade Learning

1. Target Learners

1.1. For these learners I have to consider if they are open to my ideas, have the same teaching style, and knowledgeable they already are

1.2. People going into teaching third graders

1.3. These learners most likely know basic things about 3rd grade students, but might not know exact details of what they learn

2. Objectives

2.1. One objective I have is that I want my learners to better identify the needs and problems of their students

2.2. The final outcome I want from these objectives is for teachers to be able to help their students in the best ways that they can

2.3. In order to achieve these objectives I might need to make a list of them and then talk to them about what they have learned and how they have changed their classroom in order to achieve the objectives


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