Cold War Discussions

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Cold War Discussions by Mind Map: Cold War Discussions

1. Your Thoughts

1.1. This will consist of the students stating their own thoughts on the matter. They will share information they found and how they think the people involved could have handled the situation differently.

1.2. Students will find information from many different sources. These sources can be their textbook or websites that are trustworthy. I will provide some places that may help them in their search. Here are some examples. The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

2. Discuss your Thoughts

2.1. Here the students will share their opinions and thoughts. They will be able to see what their peers thought and comment on their views. They can work together to create new ideas or even discover what others might have thought of. This part is to help build a sense of community in the classroom and allow them to build their opinions off of others ideas.