Kitchen Safety

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Kitchen Safety by Mind Map: Kitchen Safety

1. Oven Skills

1.1. How to turn on an oven and preheat it along with knowing how to properly put in and take out food.

1.2. What temperatures different foods need to be cooked to in order to be safely consumed.

2. Preventing Contamination

2.1. Using cutting boards 101. Knowing which foods can be cut with no washing in between of the board and which foods need constant washing afterwards.

2.2. Why needing to wash your hands is important and how germs travel from all the things you touched throughout the day to your food.

2.3. Knowing when a food item has gone bad and can no longer be used and how long certain ingredients can be left out at room temperature.

3. Knife Skills

3.1. How to hold a knife properly to avoid cutting ones hand. This is important because a slight slip can lead to a hand injury.

3.2. What different types of knives are used for and how each knife has different precautions needed to use it.

3.3. What to do if a cut occurs. How to take care of a wound and what needs to be immediate done in order to prevent a worse injury.