Vacant Property Framework

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Vacant Property Framework by Mind Map: Vacant Property Framework

1. 1. Scour Your Target Area for Vacant Properties

2. 2. Find out Who owns the property.

3. 3.Enter record into database.

4. Find address/phone #'s for relatives/associates of owner.

5. If no contact can be made via phone

5.1. Mail 2-3 associates

5.2. mail to actual owner

5.3. check to see if estate files exists

6. Direct Mail

6.1. Neighbor Poscard's

6.2. Relative/Associate Postcard/letter

6.3. Owner Letter

6.3.1. Follow up Poscards

7. 4. Public Records Research:

8. 5a. Gather potential addresses of owner

9. 5. Try to make contact with owner via phone based on address/name search

10. Door-knocking

10.1. Query Neighbors to see if they have any info to locate the owner