Kindergarten Life Science

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Kindergarten Life Science by Mind Map: Kindergarten Life Science

1. Describe and compare the physical features of common living plants and animals.

1.1. Look at pictures of different local animals and plants. Describe them through different identifying features like color, shape, and size.

1.2. Using different types of plants, have students touch and describe the different textures.

2. Describe and compare the growth and development of common living plants and animals.

2.1. Life cycle of a butterfly explained using Pictochart

2.2. Life cycle of a local flower explained using Pictochart

3. Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive.

3.1. What Plants Need Activity Part 1: What Do Plants Need-Part I

3.2. What Plants Need Activity Part 2: What Do Plants Need-Part II