Abdominal Aorta & Its Branches

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Abdominal Aorta & Its Branches by Mind Map: Abdominal Aorta & Its Branches

1. Splenic Artery Largest branch .Passes horizontally (long and tortuous) to the left. Posterior to stomach and along the upper border of the pancreas. Gives off numerous pancreatic branches. Enter the hilum of the splen

2. Right Common Iliac , Artery Right External Iliac Artery ,Right Internal lilac Artery

3. Middle (Median Sacral Artery [Lumbar 4 ] Arises from posterior surface of the aorta just proximal to aortic bifurcation .Descends along the anterior surface of Lumbar 4 and Lumbar 5 vertebrae. Gives off a pair of lumbar arteries. Supply Anterior portion of Lumbar 4 and Lumbar 5 vertebrae and sacrum. Portion of the posterior abdominal wall

4. Retroperioteneal Organ

4.1. Begin 2.5 cm Above Transpyloric Line ,Aortic Hiatus . Slightly Lt to midline (then assumes a more midline position).Lumbar 4 vertebral level [Interiliac Line]-Bifurcates into Right and Left Common Iliac Arteries

5. Unpaired Visceral Branches

5.1. Common Hepatic Artery

5.1.1. Small Branches-Pases to the Left- .Supply cardiac region of stomach and descends to lesser curvature Left Gastric Artery

5.1.2. Proper Hepatic Artery (PHA) Give Rise to:Right Gastric Artery -Enters porta of the liver(Porta of the liver)-Divides into Right and Left Hepatic Arteries (HA) Celiac Truck [Upper Lumbar 1] First mayor branch of the abdominal aorta(1-2 cm).Arises from ventral surface of the aorta just Above transpyloric line

5.1.3. Gastroduodenal Artery

6. Superior Mesenteric Artery (SMA) [Lower Lumbar 1]

6.1. Arises from ventral surface of the aorta just Below transpyloric line .Supply all small intestines (Except the duodenum),cecum, ascending colon ,and most of transverse colon.

6.2. Separated from aorta by Left renal vein Splenic vein and body of pancreas anterior to the (SMA)

7. Inferior Mesenteric Artery (IMA) [L3]

7.1. Arises from ventral surface of the aorta at subcostal plane then curves to the left

7.2. Supply: Distal portion of transverse colon Descending colon ,Sigmoid colon, Rectum.

8. Paired Parietal Branches

8.1. Lumbar Arteries 4 pairs Lumbar 1 to Lumbar 4. Arises from posterior lateral surface of the aorta, along the upper for lumbar vertebrae ,Supply Posterolateral abdominal wall

9. Paired Visceral Branches Suprarenal arteries [Lower Lumbar1 Arises from lateral surface of the aorta at the level of the (SMA) Superior Mesenteric Artery .Supply Supranal adrenal glands

10. Unpaired Parietal Branch

11. Renal arteries [Upper lumbar 2] Supply Kidneys Right Renal Artery Posterior to:(IVC) Inferior Vena Cava, Right renal vein, head of the pancreas, and the splenic vein.

12. Left Renal Artery Posterior to : body of the pancreas, Left renal vein,and the splenic vein

13. Right Renal Artery is longer and Slight lower than Left Renal Artery

14. Gonadal arteries [Lower Lumbar 2. Arises from ventral surface of the aorta inferior to renal vessels, Testicular or Ovarian Arteries, Descends along the psoas major muscle to pelvic brim ,Pases over the ureters and external iliac artery to enter pelvic cavity ,Male: Reach the deep inguinal ring- spermatic cord-scrotum-testes. Female: Suspensory ligament-Ovary

15. Bifurcation of the Aorta

16. Left Common lilac Artery ,Left External lilac Artery,Left Internal lilac Artery

17. Ana Agosto Sanchez Universidad Ana G. Mendez UAGM Recinto de Carolina School of Health Sciences Sectional Anatomy 1