Treacherous cargo needs smuggler.

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Treacherous cargo needs smuggler. by Mind Map: Treacherous cargo needs smuggler.

1. 1. Intro

1.1. Players spoils a bet for the local Hutt.

1.2. Players in debt with the Hutt

1.3. Local Hutt offers to re-pay by running a job.

2. Hutt & Empire close cooperation

2.1. Hutt offers expendable crew for delivering ill cargo.

3. 2. The Job

3.1. Assault imperial patrol and steal weapon cache.

3.2. Use rebel insignias to disguise the action.

3.3. Players got bad intel and end up arrested by imperials.

4. 0. Background

4.1. Sulon, moon of Sullust in the Outer Rim.

4.2. After the battle of Endor, remaining Imperial forces retaliates against Sulon Rebel outpost forcing them to leave the system.

4.3. The city now is in flames, with imperial raids all the time, public executions and criminals taking advantage of the situation.

4.4. Rumors says that the Empire is planning the invasion of Sullust.

5. 8. The end of the beginning

5.1. The crew delivers the family to safe heavens.

5.2. The crew must plan revenge on the Hutt.

5.3. The empire is looking for them.

5.4. They have a sabotage weapon cache for sale!

6. 4. The Journey

6.1. Distress call: flota imperial destruida. Nave hospital. Rescatan una persona.

6.2. Nombre de la persona: alto militante rebelde.

7. 3. ill Proposition

7.1. The local Lieutenant introduce special operations Commander.

7.2. They get tortured to confess the who do they work for.

7.3. Special Forces Commander force the crew to take on a job.

7.4. Deliver weapon cargo to local extremist group fighting rebellion's operations on Savareen. (LINK)

8. 5. Savareen

8.1. Describir el planeta y el outpost.

8.2. La entrega se lleva acabo con éxito.

8.3. Nuevo plan: contactar al lider de la célula rebelde, vender parte del cargamento y realizar la transacción en un lugar determinado.

8.4. El cargamento está saboteado y en cuanto se realize el intercambio el imperio eliminará tanto a los rebeldes como a los smugglers.

9. 6. The Rebels

9.1. Spend some days looking for the rebel leader.

9.2. Los rebeldes revelan que tanto El hutt como el imperio planea asesinarlos.

9.3. The rebels and the crew strike a new deal.

9.4. Rebels ask for a force estimation to come up with a plan.

10. 7. Showdown

10.1. The empire is ready to strike even harder than expected with on Gozanti cruiser and four TIE-Fighters.

10.2. The fight is even until imperial reinforcements arrive.

10.3. Two X-wings and one Y-wing come to the rescue.

10.4. The rebels save the day but not for long, the have time to evacuate the base before a Star Destroyer reach the city. The rebel leader ask the crew to save his wife and kid.