Multimedia Technology in Education

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Multimedia Technology in Education by Mind Map: Multimedia Technology in Education

1. What is multimedia?

1.1. combination of several media which are video, audio, pictures, and more

1.2. reference:

2. Hardwares

2.1. central processing unit (CPU)

2.2. Memory and storage devices

2.2.1. Random Access Memory (RAM)

2.2.2. Hard Disk

2.2.3. Read Only Memory (ROM)

2.3. Universal Serial Bus (USB) device

2.4. Graphics Card

2.5. Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)

2.6. Monitor

2.7. External Storage and Optical devices

2.7.1. Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)

2.7.2. Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

2.7.3. High Density DVD (HD-DVD)

2.7.4. Blu-ray Disc (BD)

3. Softwares

3.1. Graphic and image editing

3.1.1. Adobe illustrator

3.2. Audio and sound editing

3.2.1. Ocenaudio

3.3. Video editing

3.3.1. Adobe after effects

3.4. Animation authoring

3.4.1. Adobe Flash

4. Multimedia elements

4.1. Text

4.2. Image

4.3. Audio

4.4. Video

4.5. Animation

5. Advantages in using multimedia

5.1. User-friendly

5.2. Interactive and comprehensive

5.3. Creative

5.4. Multi-tasking

5.5. save time

5.6. Flexible

6. Disadvantages in using multimedia

6.1. it can be expensive

6.2. information overload because it contains too much information at once

6.3. not always compatible

6.4. require special hardware

6.5. limitations of technology

7. The future of multimedia

7.1. Student will enjoy using multimedia in the class as they are the new modern generation

7.2. Convenient for the teacher to conduct the class as they can find more information and teaching materials

8. Challenges in implementation

8.1. teacher prefers to use traditional learning method as they have been exposed to it

8.2. Difficult to control

8.3. lack of technology