Naila Nawari

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Naila Nawari by Mind Map: Naila Nawari

1. Goal

1.1. I want to buy a car so it will be easier for me to go to where i want to go.

1.2. I want to get my learners permit so i can learn how to drive and be able to drive my family where they want and where i want to go also.

1.3. Pass my provincial exam so Im able to go to college.The provincial exams i heard are really hard so its making me nervous that i wont do good on it and wont be able to go to college.

2. Activities

2.1. In the past i used to go to the library and read books.My favourite kinds of books were comics such as Garfield,Archie and others.

2.2. When i was a child me and my friends would play littlest pet shop outside of school in lunch.We would play all of lunch time and we thought it was so fun.

2.3. In my neighborhood i would play with my friends and we would act like we owned a restaurant and serve grass and pretend to believe that it was sushi.

3. Aspirations

3.1. In the future i would like to be a kids teacher.I adore working with kids and would like to have my own kids one day in the future.

3.2. I wanna go traveling when i graduate.The places id love to see are Italy, Greece and Spain.The scenery in those places are very beautiful but id also love to try the food.

3.3. My goal is to apply for langara college and take history and Italian there.I want to learn how to speak italian so when i travel i am able to speak fluently without no problems and because its a beautiful language.

4. Skills

4.1. I would say i am good at art.My favourite kind of drawing is painting.I enjoy mixing colours together and how smooth the paint is.

4.2. I am good at cooking.At home i cook for family dishes such as stir fry, spaghetti, soup etc.My all time favourite dish to make is butter chicken.I took foods last year and learn many techniques on ways to cook which helped me a lot.

4.3. I am good at socials mainly because i enjoy learning about history.When it comes to learning about the past it intrigues me and makes me want to learn more.

5. Background

5.1. Before I came to Richmond I lived in Surrey and went to a private school called iqra islamic school.I went there in almost all my kindergarten year by the end of the year I moved into Richmond but still was enrolled until i was in grade 1.

5.2. I was born in Canada but I am from Libya.My parents were both born in Libya but moved here in Canada to make it more easy for us.All my siblings were born here in Canada but my oldest sister was born in turkey.Ive only visited my home country Libya once because it isn't safe to visit.

5.3. I enrolled into Mitchel elementary after moving to Richmond and graduated from their.My parents chose Mitchell elementary because it was very close to our house it took about five minutes to get there.My elementary years were really fun because it wasn't that serious and hard.

6. Personality

6.1. Im a music person I enjoy listening to music while I draw, run,bike and work.My favourite genres are RnB,Rap and old music.

6.2. I don't know everything but I try to understand when I don't know.Im not smart but if I try really hard I will do good.I try my best in school and have a goal to not fail any of my classes.

6.3. Im not an athletic person but I like to play sports as fun.I like to go biking around the field ,playing soccer and badminton.I think fitness is fun when you play with a friend.

7. Interests

7.1. I enjoy biking around the field in king George park while listening to music when I have free time.

7.2. I enjoy reading manga and comics more than reading fiction books.I read my books online on my phone.My favourite kinds are school life and fantasy.

7.3. One of my favourite subejcts in school in is biology and art.I like learning about he body and the functions it has.Art is a subject that makes me happy and at peace its very stress free.

8. Challenges

8.1. This year I took math pre-chal 11 I'm worried that I won't be able to do well because I am not that good at math and didn't try my best last year.

8.2. This summer I've tried to find a job but didn't succeed I am still searching for stores who are hiring currently and to not give up, I've realized it was harder than I thought it was gonna be.

8.3. My past years I have been struggling with sentence structure and being clear with my essays in English.One of my challenges currently is to do better in my essays and seek help.

9. present

10. past

11. Future

12. Family

12.1. In the future my goal is to finish school first and then think about a family.I want to start thinking about marriage and creating a family in my late 20s after graduating from college.

12.2. While Im in college Im going to be living at home with my family.I am not allowed to live by myself until I marry.

12.3. In the future i want to have a family of five .I want to have three kids two girls and one boy.Im hoping to stay here in Canada to live with my family because Canada is a good safe country to raise kids.