teaching portfolio

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teaching portfolio by Mind Map: teaching portfolio

1. resume

1.1. references

1.2. education history

1.2.1. google doc a direct link to my PDF resume

1.3. transcripts

2. philosophy

2.1. why i'm becoming a teacher

2.2. what my goals are for my classroom and students

2.2.1. google slides a picture of a quote

3. lesson plans

3.1. examples of work that I have done

3.1.1. projects and lesson plans that i have used in the past and inspirations pictures and videos of the lessons

3.2. state standards that I will follow

4. more pages

4.1. letters of rec

4.1.1. all of my teachers that have inspired me direct links to where people can read the letts of rec

5. contact page

5.1. email

5.2. phone number at work

5.2.1. where school distrcits can reach me and get a hold of me a google sheet

6. cover page

6.1. all about my teaching portfolio

6.1.1. google doc explaining why im becoming a teacher pictures from my observations

7. all about me page

7.1. where I went to school

7.2. what I do for fun

7.2.1. a story about my life and my journey through education pictures from my personal portfolio and favorite things

7.3. my classroom theme