Peaceful Paws By: Marta Mendaluk

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Peaceful Paws By: Marta Mendaluk by Mind Map: Peaceful Paws By: Marta Mendaluk

1. Home Page

1.1. The Home page will grab the viewers attention and allow them to keep exploring my website. It will give a brief overview of coping with pet loss and why I started the website.

1.1.1. I will include the logo of Peaceful Paws on all of the pages on my website

1.1.2. I will include what the website has to offer in a short paragraph with an interesting intro to grab the viewers attention.

1.1.3. I will include soothing colors/images of paw prints to not overwhelm the viewer and want them to look through more of my website.

2. Contact

2.1. The contact me page is for people to reach out to me who are struggling with pet loss and those who want to submit their own images and descriptions of pets they lost for the memorial page.

2.1.1. I will include the default contact page for questions and submissions. I will also include possibly a template for how people should send in their image and description of their pet that has passed

3. Technology

3.1. This page will include the different uses of media that I used and techniques for creating my website.

3.1.1. This page will include a digital photo of my pet dog that passed away

3.1.2. I will include my infographic that I have created on canva

3.1.3. I will add my logo which I will also most likely make on canva

4. Resources

4.1. This page will have a works cited page filled with all of the associations of work that I have included for my website.

4.1.1. I will include a section of my own images that I have used

4.1.2. I will include a section of citations for of all of the websites I have used/ videos

4.1.3. I will have a section of citations just for images that I have used

5. About

5.1. This page will give a brief about the creator of the website and why I chose to start the website due to my own personal experiences with losing a pet. Helps to know that the creator of the website went through similar emotions/experiences .

5.1.1. In this section I will include my own images of my pet that has passed away and a picture of myself along with a short paragraph about me.

5.1.2. I will also include a description of my own experience of my pet passing and how difficult it was for me to cope with it which inspired me to create this website.

6. What we offer

6.1. This page will have multiple ways of coping with the loss of a pet including helpful links and videos.

6.1.1. I will include the steps to take after the death of a pet like accepting and burial

6.1.2. I will include different links to different burial options and places that make a mold of your pets paws.

6.1.3. I will include different ways of coping such as exercises and meditation

6.1.4. I will include videos that help with the after process of the death of a pet.

7. Remembrance

7.1. This page will be the submissions that people submit of their own pets with brief descriptions in order to honor their beloved pets.

7.1.1. This page will include my own memorial for my dog as a template for others to submit to me through the contact page and do the same. Each photo will have a brief description of the pet.

7.1.2. I will use light colors to not draw attention away from the photos of people's pets that they have lost.

8. Tagline: Helping people cope in the aftermath of a beloved's pets death, and helping them feel that they are not alone.