LGBTQI + anthem

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LGBTQI + anthem by Mind Map: LGBTQI + anthem


1.1. Lesbian

1.2. Gay

1.3. Bisexual

1.4. transsgender

1.5. queer

1.6. Intersex

2. Anthem

2.1. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

2.2. "Smaltown Boy" Bronski beat

2.3. "Born this way" Lady Gaga

2.4. "Same love" Mackelmore et Ryan Lewis


3.1. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

3.1.1. LGBTQI+ Colorful happy fun carefree

3.1.2. HATERS black/dark angry shabby clothes uneducated

3.2. "Smaltown Boy" Bronski beat

3.3. "Born this way" Lady Gaga

3.4. "Same love" Mackelmore et Ryan Lewis


4.1. Cher

4.1.1. American singer

4.1.2. embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry

4.2. Lavern cox

4.2.1. Dancer, reality TV star

4.2.2. Trangender person

4.3. Dexter mayfield

4.3.1. Famous plus size male model

4.3.2. Homosexual

4.4. RuPaul

4.4.1. Host, mentor for RuPaul's Drag race

4.5. Fab Five

4.5.1. performer

4.5.2. Homosexual men

4.6. Ellen DeGeneres

4.6.1. actress

4.6.2. Lesbian


5.1. Overcoming hardship in love

5.1.1. Usually a narrative of a wronged lover who comes back stronger than before.

5.1.2. "Smaltown Boy" Bronski beat

5.2. You are not alone

5.2.1. Songs about coming together as a community or reassurance to the lonely that there are others like them out there

5.2.2. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

5.2.3. "Same love" Mackelmore et Ryan Lewis

5.3. Throw your cares away

5.3.1. A carefree narrative about putting your troubles aside and partying.

5.3.2. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

5.4. Hard-won self-esteem

5.4.1. Here, the theme involves fighting through oppression, darkness or fear to gain freedom, beauty or self-esteem.

5.4.2. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

5.5. Celebrating unashamed sexuality

5.5.1. The theme here is of transcending cultural shame to celebrate one's sexual nature.

5.5.2. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

5.6. Love conquers all

5.6.1. Tales of not giving up on love despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

5.6.2. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift

5.7. No apologies

5.7.1. Here, the theme revolves around defiantly living one's life despite what others may want.

5.7.2. "Born this way" Lady Gaga


6.1. Support for gay rights

6.2. The lyrics of gay anthems are often marked by themes of perseverance, inner strength, acceptance, pride, and unity.

6.3. Give power for the LGBTQI+ community

6.4. Politics purpose

6.4.1. "You need to calm down" Taylor Swift A petition for an equality act

6.4.2. "Same love" Mackelmore et Ryan Lewis