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Public Health by Mind Map: Public  Health

1. Forest fires are affecting society very badly, especially children and the elderly who are sensitive to rising temperatures and smoke. Therefore government needs to be more concerned with the environment than its ideology, for the environment in which we live is more important than the ego of a mere human being.

2. The Amazon rainforest is extremely important to our society as it releases about 7 trillion tons of water into the atmosphere bringing rain to various Brazilian regions. Not to mention the natural resources that could cure numerous diseases.

3. Breathing Problems

4. With the impacts caused by smoke many people will suffer as the smoke from these burns affects lung cells that in the long run can cause cancer, not to mention other respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis ect.

5. As fires decrease air humidity, as happened this year in Brasilia, where air humidity reached only 8%, the recommended is 60% relative humidity, 8% is a desert unit, so the increase in nos In cases of bronchitis in public hospitals, the rise in temperature caused by smoking also helps to spread tropical diseases.