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1. do you prefer X to Y

1.1. - state which one u prefer

1.2. compare 2 things

1.3. -give reasons and explain

1.4. do you prefer sending letters or sending emails?

1.5. well, i prefer sending emails. i think it is much more convenient and faster than sending letters. I can use emails to contact people who are staying far away from me, and this really comes in handy, wheares using letters can take many days to get reply

2. what do you usually do?

2.1. - use adv of frequency

2.2. -use present simple

2.3. tell about your usual daily routine

2.3.1. well, i wake up at 6 a.m or later if it's on weekend. every morning i brush my teeth, take a shower to make me more awake and active. then i have breakfast and go to school. after school, i go straight home and have dinner with my family. before going to bed about 10 p.m, i usually spend time to study

3. what do you like to do in your free time?

3.1. - describe a couple of things you like

3.2. explain why

3.3. well, i have a lot of hobbies that i like to do in my spare time. but i think i usually watch English or AmericanTV shows like "the Ellen show" or " the shark tank" " the Masterchef",... i am so into English and watching these things not only helps me to relax after a stressful days but also makes my english skills better

4. what do you dislike about X ?

4.1. what aspects you dont like

4.2. describe degree of dislike

4.3. explain why + example

4.4. what do you dislike about your city?

4.4.1. i dont particularly like my city. i hate getting stuck in traffic jams. it's so dirty and noisy and sometimes it makes me irrttated if i am late for school or my work

5. how often do you do Y?

5.1. - use adv

5.2. explain

5.3. how often do you read books?

5.3.1. to be honest, i am not a bookworm and i spend just a little time to read books. i would rather use different types of reading media like newspapers, magazines, watch videos to get information.

6. what do you like most about X

6.1. say what

6.2. explain

6.3. what do you like most about your city?

6.3.1. well, i really the cuisine of my city. there isa variety of special food iin Hanoi . Compared to other cities in Vietnam, Hanoi food tends to be on the sweeter side and utilises freshwater ingredients such as prawns, squids, shrimps, crabs, clams, and mussels

7. is X popular in your country?

7.1. talk about how many people like it

7.2. talk about type of people like it

7.3. is playing football popular in your country?

7.3.1. generally speaking, i would say that the majoirity of school and university male students regular;ly play football. i think football is the king of sports and it is so popoular on social media, it is easy to play as well. but plsying football requires a remarkably high level of stamina. this thing makes it difficult for girl to take part in

8. what is the best time of the year to do Y?

8.1. - what

8.2. the suitable conditions

8.3. explain

8.4. what is the best time of day for studying?

8.4.1. i think the best time of the day for studying is the morning after 6 a.m. it is ideal for me to concentrate on reading and writing. and not be distracted by friends or family. but i find it difficult to get up so early