Essentials of Clinical Practice

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Essentials of Clinical Practice by Mind Map: Essentials of Clinical Practice

1. Syllabus

1.1. Chest pain and breathlessness

1.2. Abdominal pain,lumps and weight gain

1.3. Joint pain and rashes

1.4. Falls and fracture

1.5. Altered mental function and confusion

2. Resources

2.1. Medical Learning Environment

2.2. University Library

2.3. Academic Skills Kit (ASK)

3. Teaching Strategies

3.1. Lectures

3.2. Ward Rounds

3.3. Seminar

3.4. Practical

3.5. Tutorial

4. Assessment

4.1. Formative and Summative

4.1.1. Single Best Answer (SBA) Papers

4.1.2. Written Skills Examinations (WriSkE)

4.1.3. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

4.1.4. Professionalism and Engagement

4.1.5. E-Portfolio

5. Students

5.1. entry behavior - completed stage 2 medical study

5.1.1. Campus

5.1.2. Hospitals

5.1.3. Clinics

6. Aim

6.1. to produce excellent doctors who

6.1.1. are compassionate and skilled practitioners

6.1.2. provide safe, individualised care based on a sound knowledge of health, disease and society

6.1.3. are equipped to work as part of, and to lead a multi-professional health care team

6.1.4. are prepared for on-going professional and personal development and, through this, are able to adapt to future developments in practice

6.1.5. are well prepared to succeed in their medical career in all specialties

7. Learning Outcome

7.1. Case base

7.2. Core Condition

7.3. Presentation

7.4. GMC outcomes

7.5. Discipline / Specialization

8. Evaluation

8.1. Students feedback

8.2. Professional Development Review