A Trip to the Farm

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A Trip to the Farm by Mind Map: A Trip to the Farm

1. Video and Field trip

1.1. Use 21st century skills to watch videos about farming

1.2. Use literacy to create a book about a farm

1.3. Use social studies during the field trip to see what farmers in the past used to do

1.4. Use science during field trip to see how technology was developed

1.5. Use math to determine how big barns have to be to fit all the animals

2. Building farms

2.1. Use 21st century skills to determine what technology the farms need

2.2. Use social studies to set up the farm in a successful way

2.3. Use science to make the farm environmentally friendly

2.4. Use literacy to write about the farm

2.5. Use math to create a farm in the whole classroom using measurements

3. Growing plants

3.1. Using 21st century skills to understand new ways of growing plants

3.2. Use social studies knowledge to determine the evolution of different growing methods

3.3. Use Science to compare plants growth when using different materials

3.4. Use Literacy to log plants progress and other details

3.5. Use Math to determine the growth of the plants each day

4. Hatching chickens

4.1. Use 21st century ways that chickens are grown (for pets, profit, food)

4.2. Use social studies to understand how the environment changes the chicken population

4.3. Use science to learn how chickens develop and how genetic modifications change development

4.4. Use Literacy to read about chickens development

4.5. Use Math to count the eggs waiting to hatch and how much chickens cost for a farm

5. Bettering the World

5.1. Use literacy to create poems/songs about helping the environment

5.2. Use 21st century skills to create youtube videos about recycling and less pollution

5.3. Use 21st century skills to create youtube videos about recycling and less pollution

5.4. Use social studies to see how the environment has changed in history

5.5. Use math to create graphs of the past and of future change