Psychology Career Portfolio

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Psychology Career Portfolio by Mind Map: Psychology Career Portfolio

1. Home

1.1. My home page will contain an introduction paragraph that says what exactly my website is all about. There will also be a couple pictures to make the page appear more pleasing.

1.1.1. Digital Photo - I will put a photo that will overall describe my website.

1.1.2. Logo - I will create a personalized logo to represent the theme and goal of my website.

1.1.3. Infographic - I will input an infographic that highlights the key points on my website.

2. Contact

2.1. The contact page will consist of a form that people can fill out in order for me to contact them. It will also give my email so people are able to directly contact me.

2.1.1. Google Form - This is the form I will input for people to fill out in order for me to contact them.

2.1.2. Social Media Icons - I will display icons that people are able to follow me on or contact me. I will also include my email and phone number.

3. About

3.1. The about page will consist of why I made this website and all about my passion for psychology. It will also include a little story about me and what happened in my life to lead me to be interested in this.

3.1.1. Digital Photo - I will input a photo that represents my passion for psychology and what how important it is to me.

3.1.2. Infographic - I will input an infographic all about me. This will include the little story about me and my life.

4. References

4.1. The references page will include all of the sources I used in order to create my website. It will give credit to every software packages that helped me create my website.

4.1.1. Screencast - I will display a screencast about how to navigate around my website and where everything is located.

4.1.2. Podcast - I will include podcasts about psychology and experiences from psychologists.

4.1.3. Presentation - I will add in a presentation about real life psychologists that can be reference examples.