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Career Portfolio by Mind Map: Career Portfolio

1. Home Page

1.1. General info plus some interesting tidbits to maintain interest

1.1.1. Definitely flashy, need to grab attention, maybe include a video if possible

2. Contact Page

2.1. How to contact me basically (just email)

2.1.1. nothing flashy, it is just a contact page

3. About Me

3.1. My major, interests, why I did this website topic, etc.

3.1.1. General pics

4. Reference Page

4.1. All references I pulled info from, don't wanna get sued after all

4.1.1. Normal works cited, no unnecessary

5. Blog

5.1. Video games

5.1.1. Mechanics

5.1.2. Visual design

5.1.3. Music score

6. Projects

6.1. Folders for each project that I have done

6.1.1. Additional media added as needed, likely will need to be flexible with this