Infant Curriculum

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Infant Curriculum by Mind Map: Infant Curriculum

1. Assessments

1.1. Observations

1.1.1. Checklist

1.1.2. Annecdotal Records

1.1.3. Video/ Audio Recordings

2. Assessments

2.1. Observation

2.1.1. Anecdotal Notes, Checklists, Vido.Audio Recordings

3. Strategies and Methods

3.1. One-To One Moments

3.1.1. conversation- like take turn

3.2. Four Interaction Patterns

3.2.1. communication loops eye contact verbal mapping

3.3. Daily Schedule

3.3.1. i.e.Feeding, changing,sleep times, etch.

3.4. Exploratory ACtivies

3.4.1. Sensorimotor sight, taste, smell and sound

3.5. Teacher Initiated Activities

3.5.1. i.e. Readig a book, singing songs and finger play, promoting object permenance

3.6. Nurturing and Creating a secure environment

4. Strategies and Methods

4.1. Types of Activities

4.1.1. Exploratory Activites

4.1.2. Formal and Informal Learning Activities

4.1.3. Teacher- Medicated Activites One-to-One Accvitites: eye contact, communication loop, veral mapping, adult to child talk

4.1.4. Routine Activities

4.2. Daily Schedule

4.2.1. Eating, Sleeping, Physical Care, "Alert Time"

5. Theoretical Perspectives

5.1. Behavorist

5.1.1. Skinner Nuture Blank Slate Semantic, Syntactic and Morphemic Knowledge Operant Conditioning

5.2. Cognitive Developmentalist

5.2.1. Jean Piaget Nature Semantic and Morphemic Knowledge Universal Grammar

5.3. Nativist

5.3.1. Noam Chomsky Nature Syntatic Knowledge Universal Grammar

5.4. Interactionist

5.4.1. Lev Vygosky Nurture Pragmatic Knowledge Socio-cultural interaction