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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. Oral Communicatio

1.1. Different languages, language barriers, and intercultural communication I’ve learned all of these in oral communication

2. Bible 1

2.1. I've learned that our connection with God through prayer is the most powerful and beautiful thing we have, for only our faith can save from all our sins.

3. E-Tech

3.1. In this subject I’ve learned how to use a computer with proper posture and develop my speed in typing. I’ve also learned how to edit in a Photoshop.

4. Earth Science

4.1. This subject showed me the beauty of the world, made me think of things that are unthinkable and help me develop my logical thinking skills.

5. Filipino

5.1. Wika, pakikipagkomunikasyon, ibat-ibang lengguwahe this are the things I’ve learned.

6. General Mathematics

6.1. Problem analysis and critical thinking skills are some of the things I’ve learned in this subject.

7. Philosophy

7.1. This subject help me develop myself through multiple questions and curiosity. Philosophy also help me improve my critical and logical thinking skills

8. Physical Education

8.1. In this subject I’ve learned how to be physically fit, proper diet and also the different types of eating disorder.

9. Pre-Calculus

9.1. I develop my critical thinking skills even better by analysing and solving a problem.