Jaliya Monroe

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Jaliya Monroe by Mind Map: Jaliya Monroe

1. Finding a balance between spending time with her and spending time with friends

2. Sometimes attending work gets in the way of my studying time

3. Student

3.1. Attend School

3.2. Study and perform well

3.3. Dealing with stress for grades

4. Daughter

4.1. Behave well

4.2. Do chores

5. Cat Owner

5.1. Feed the cat

5.2. Make sure she's healthy and safe

6. Employee

6.1. Attend Work

6.2. Complete all tasks and make money

7. Intern

7.1. Help the teacher

7.2. Make sure students know the content

8. Citizen

8.1. Follow rules/laws

8.2. Vote

9. Girlfriend

9.1. Make sure she feels loved

9.2. Spending time with her

10. Friend

10.1. Be a good listener

10.2. Be reliable

11. Sister

11.1. Respect the elders

11.2. take hand-me-downs

12. Teenager

12.1. Figure out my role in life

12.2. Be a role model

12.3. Trying not to disappoint those around me