Budget Accountant

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Budget Accountant by Mind Map: Budget Accountant

1. How much is the pay?

1.1. Can you get paid more with a higher degree?

1.2. Is the pay different in other areas?

1.3. Source- Can search on the internet

2. What is the demand for this job?

2.1. What is the future outlook for the this position?

2.2. Am I able to look internship for this job?

2.3. Source- Can search on the internet

3. What are the educational requirements for this job?

3.1. What other kind of skills are beneficial to this job?

3.2. Is there any other accomplishments required in the field?

3.3. Source-Can go to the ACC Library

4. What kind of responsibilities do you have?

4.1. Are you able to work from home/anywhere?

4.2. What are the typical work days like?

4.3. Source-Can ask someone I know in the field