Philosopher Ideas

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Philosopher Ideas by Mind Map: Philosopher Ideas

1. Power Goes To?

1.1. Hobbes

1.1.1. Power to Ruler

1.2. Locke

1.2.1. Cooperation

1.3. Rousseau

1.3.1. Power to People

1.4. Montesquieu

1.4.1. Cooperation

1.5. Machiavelli

1.5.1. Cooperation

1.6. Voltaire

1.6.1. Cooperation

2. Checks and Balances

2.1. Machiavelli

2.1.1. Power to People and Equal Power Among Branches

2.2. Montesquieu

2.2.1. Separation of Powers

3. What does freedom or liberty look like?

3.1. Voltaire

3.1.1. Freedom and Liberty to Voltaire was really important. England taught Voltaire that freedom of speech and liberty were so important.That Voltaire wanted England to give the right of freedom of speech and Liberty. He loved freedom and thought everyone should have it.

3.2. Hobbes

3.2.1. Freedom and Liberty to Hobbes

3.3. Machiavelli

3.3.1. Freedom and Liberty to Machiavelli was

3.4. Montesquieu

3.4.1. Seperation of powers

3.5. Rousseau

3.5.1. Social frredom and Natural freedom

4. Social Contract

4.1. Rousseau

4.1.1. According to Rousseau, a Social Contract is, it has to have an agreement between everyone. The government comes up with what's best for society using a voting system and if things don't go as planned, they use the majority rule.

4.2. Hobbes

4.2.1. According to Hobbes, a Social Contract is an agreement between the government and the people. People have to give up a certain amount of their rights in order to have protection.

4.3. Locke

4.3.1. According to Locke, a Social Contract was that the only right people give up in order to enter into civil society and it's benefits is the right to punish other people for violating rights.