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Christopher by Mind Map: Christopher

1. He starts investigating. He asks all his neighbors if they know some thing that happen that night

1.1. One of his neighbors says to him that his mother was in a relationship with the husband of his neighbor. But he is not interested because her mother was dead

2. One day, 7 minutes after midnight, Christopher finds the dog of his neighbor died, Wellington

3. Is a very special child. He has fiveteen years. His character is different, because he suffers autism. He has trouble relating to others, and some obsessions

3.1. He trust with his father and their have a good relationship

3.2. He thinks that his mother is dead

3.3. He has a rate as a pet. It's name is Toby

4. His father prohibe him to investigate on the crime, but he continues, and write a book with all of his thoughts of his investigation

5. His father takes the book from him where he is writing all his investigation

5.1. He searches in the room of his father to recover his book, when he finds a few letters of his mother.

5.2. He discovers that his mother lives to London with the husband of his neighbor. He gets angry because his father has lied to him

5.3. His father asks for excuses him to lied him and to demonstrate that he feels it, his father says that he was who killed the dog

6. He decided to go to London, to see his mother and he wants to go there because he is scared of his father.

6.1. He goes by train but one policeman that is looking for him, found Christopher. Thankfully it manages to escape and to go to house of his mother. His mother is living with Roger her partner.

6.2. Roger and his mother often discuss. The mother of Christopher decides to return to the village, where is the father, and this way christopher could do a very important exam of mathematics

7. Christopher and her mother returns to the village and he do the exam very well

8. He becomes very sad when Toby dies, but his father gives him a dog. Then Christopher starts forgive his father

9. Finally Christopher can live with his father and improves the relation. And also he can see his mother.

10. This history says to us that sometimes the small things could change very much our life.