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Small Groups by Mind Map: Small Groups

1. Groups of 4-5 students

1.1. Students can be grouped together by their level

1.1.1. There can be 3-4 different levels The teacher should monitor the students

2. Meeting with a teacher

2.1. For students that are struggling

2.1.1. Each meeting with the teacher should have a targeted purpose when meeting with a teacher

3. Students rotating in groups

3.1. Stations for different subjects

3.1.1. Make sure there are instructions to go along with each group and that the instructions are made clear Make sure you map out the stations in a way that student don't run into each other and create problems

4. Students can do Skits/Dances

4.1. Students can act out in groups to help with vocab, reading fluency and reading accuracy

4.1.1. Repeating the instructions for the students more than once so that the students can understand what it expected

5. Doing an art project

5.1. Another way to to see if the student comprehended the topic that was being discussed

5.1.1. Prepare with the materials that are going to be needed

6. Pre-asses the students

6.1. Be able to have a clear understanding of what you (the teacher) is looking for and record the correct information.

7. Laying out the expectations