Leopard Sharks

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Leopard Sharks by Mind Map: Leopard Sharks

1. Cause and effect

1.1. Since they lack a swim bladder to help them with their buoyancy, they tend to live close to the sea floor.

1.2. Since they are harmless and aesthetically pleasing, they are one of the more popular fish to be kept in aquariums.

1.3. Due to overfishing they have been protected in California and Oregon by placing a limit on the size of shark anglers are allowed to keep.

2. Patterns

2.1. Leopard sharks have dark ovals that are neatly organized across their backs.

2.2. After 10-12 month of gestation, leopard sharks can produce 4-33 pups per litter.

2.3. Leopard sharks take 10 years to mature but usually mate every year after that.