CULTURAL INTEGRATION: A challenge inside the classroom

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CULTURAL INTEGRATION: A challenge inside the classroom by Mind Map: CULTURAL INTEGRATION: A challenge inside the classroom

1. In 2012

1.1. Juan becomes a coordinator at Vocational Technical School

1.2. He found an uncertain atmosphere in the classroom coexistence

2. Facts

2.1. Reading about the Naval Battle of Iquique.

2.2. Peruvian students were ignored by Chilean students when Peruvian soccer team won the match between Peru and Chile.

2.3. Many Chilean companies rejected Peruvian students' interships because of they were Peruvian.

2.4. Chilean students discriminate Peruvian students inside of the classroom.

3. Reflections made by Juan

3.1. Juan recalled the story of the girl who was taken out because of her relationship with the Peruvian guy.

3.2. Juan talked to Estrella, who told him that the high score of the school was thanks to the Peruvian students.

4. Results

4.1. Next challenge for Juan would be to make a Chilean-Peruvian integration

4.2. Some Chilean students organized a surprised for the Peruvian ones where they rose and sang the Peruvian national anthem.

5. Challenges

5.1. Juan's suggestion about the Expo Perú for the next calendar.

5.1.1. Some colleagues disagreed.

5.1.2. A few colleagues were half-hearted.

6. Families' reactions

6.1. Two situations may occur

6.1.1. The families might react in a good way supporting the event and the project developed by Juan.

6.1.2. The families may feel uncomfortable and disrespected with that kind of things.

7. Kevin Alexis Cuadros González Code. 431171041