How to graduate within 4 years?

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How to graduate within 4 years? by Mind Map: How to graduate within 4 years?

1. Study

1.1. Get at least 630 of TOEIC score.

1.2. Take at least 16 credits per semester.

1.3. Complete all the 141 credits of studies.

1.4. Take at least 16 credits per semester.

1.5. Register a study plan within 30 days since the first day of that semester.

1.6. The GPA should not be lower than 2.00

2. Activity

2.1. Complete all the 100 activities

2.1.1. Take the TOEIC exam every semester.

2.1.2. Year1,2,3,4 [ 10 hours of compulsory for each year = 40 hours of compulsory activities] Year 1 is about Learner Awareness (Y101-Y103) Year 2 is about Learning process for Community and Society (Y201-Y203) Year 3 is about Global Discovery (Y301-Y303) Year 4 is a Job Orientation (Y401-Y402)

2.1.3. Others for 60 activities.

3. Good behaviors

3.1. Do all the assignments and submit it on time.

3.2. Should not study the entire lesson within 1 night before the exam.

3.3. Go back and review the lesson after class.

3.4. Plan a study schedule.

3.5. Attend every class.

3.6. Be punctual.

3.7. Be organized.

3.8. Organize the study time.

3.9. Take good notes.

3.9.1. Be an active listener.

3.9.2. Take notes that are easy to read.

3.10. Understand course expectations.

3.11. Communicate with professors when get struggling.

3.12. Avoid distractions.

3.13. Set a priority.

3.13.1. Maintain your focus.

3.13.2. Maintain your balance.