How installin your operating system

how installing your operating system

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How installin your operating system by Mind Map: How installin your operating system

1. Step1: instert the installation disk or flash drive.

2. Step2: restart you computer.

3. Step3: wait for the computer´s first startup screen to appear.

4. Step4: press and hold DEL or F2 to enter the BIOS page

5. Step5: select the location from wich you want to start your computer.

6. Step6: move you selected location to the top of the list

7. Step7: save you setting, exist the BIOS and restart you computer

8. Step8: shut off you computer, start you computer from disc and choose you windows setup options

9. Step9: click the INSTALLING NOW button and accep the license terms

10. Step10: select he CUSTON installation, select a hard drive and partition you want to install Windows on.

11. Step11: install windows on your prefered hard drive and partition and start you computer.

12. Step12: Install the drivers and the other applications you need, and that ´t it, your computer is ready