Language, learning and teaching

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Language, learning and teaching by Mind Map: Language, learning and teaching

1. Language is defined as the ability of each human being to communicate and express thoughts and feelings. "Learning, is relatively permanent change in behavioral tendency and is the result of reinforced practice"(Kimble and Garmezy 1963:133).

2. LEARNING AND TEACHING Teaching may be defined as "showing or helping someone to learn how to do something, giving instructions, guiding in the study of something, providing with knowledge, causing to know or understand."

3. Teaching cannot be defined apart from learning. Nathan Gage (1964:269) noted that "to satisfy the practical demands of education, theories of learning must be 'stood on their head' so as to yield theories of teaching." Teaching is guiding and facilitating learning, enabling the learner to learn, setting the conditions for learning.

4. Straregies for Learning and Teaching Languages: Memory, Cognitive, Comprehension and Metacognitive