Civil War in Yemen

civil war in yemen

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Civil War in Yemen by Mind Map: Civil War in Yemen

1. 2015, a coalition of several Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia, launched an air operation to stop the advance of the rebels to the south.

2. 2014

3. Houthi rebels took the capital, Sanaa.

4. Pro- governamental forces

5. Coalition led by Saudi Arabia

6. Expel insurgent from the conquered regions in the country in 2015.

7. Marginalizaded by the central government, Houthis attacked.

8. The rebels, allied to former president Ali Abdalá Saleh, in Sanaa. Power of government headquarters

9. They took over the port of Hodeida in the Red Sea,

10. 2015, the Houthis -Presidential Palace in Sanaa and surrounded President Abd Rabo Mansur Hadi, who a month later fled to Aden, the great southern city

11. The operation mobilized troops from many countries inclunding five from the Gulf.

12. the "liberation" of the province of Aden, the first success of the pro-government forces supported by the coalition. Then became the "provisional" capital of the country.

13. Trouble securing them due to the presence of jihadists from Al Qaida and Islamic State (ISIS).

14. they recovered the Bab al Mandeb Strait,the main entry point for humanitarian aid.

15. The rebels intensified their drone and missile attacks against airport facilities, desalination plants and other Saudi infrastructure

16. 2018 - UN: which considers Yemen to suffer the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

17. Possible solution:

18. Stop the military company and challenge the Huties to respond in kind. The coditions necessary for the peace conversation will be created.

19. International guarantees that protect them in an international future alienated

20. If the UN does not accept after several failed attempts, it will be blamed automatically.