General and Specific Requirements for Halal Certifications

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General and Specific Requirements for Halal Certifications by Mind Map: General and Specific Requirements for Halal Certifications

1. General Requirements

1.1. Raw material

1.1.1. Halal & safe

1.1.2. Valid halal cert for animal source

1.1.3. Not certified halal material - provide complete specification flow chart

1.1.4. List in MyeHalal Raw materials Processing aid Product

1.1.5. Non-halal materials are banned

1.2. Processing

1.2.1. Consistently update production record

1.2.2. Shall comply Syariah law GMP

1.2.3. Raw materials can't mix with Non-halal material Uncertain halal status

1.2.4. Transportation for halal products only

1.2.5. No usage of brush from animal hair

1.3. Packaging and labelling

1.3.1. Labelling must Prominent Clear Indelible

1.3.2. Must contain Name of product Malaysia halal logo with MS number & reference number Net content (SI unit) Name and address with trade marks manufacturer importer distributor List of ingredients Production batch number Expiry date Country of origin

1.3.3. Shall not contravene principles of syariah law

1.3.4. Halal logo should not be used for non-islamic religious festival non-islamic religious emblem

1.3.5. Prohibition on product name The word Halal Element of religion and god

1.3.6. No najs materials used for packaging materials

1.4. Factory

1.4.1. Control mechanism to prevent animals entering factory

1.4.2. Equipment used free from najs Any hazardous materials no side effect to product

1.4.3. Equipments and goods should be arranged accordingly

1.4.4. Non-halal food/beverages are not allowed

1.4.5. No workers live in the factory except in separate building separate entrance, if in the same building living quarters can't have direct path to processing area have mechanism to control worker movements

1.4.6. Have effective control system from contamination of animal rearing centre sewerage plant non-halal material processing premises

1.4.7. Liquor is prohibited

1.5. Worker

1.5.1. Practice – GHP & code of ethics

1.5.2. Wear suitable attire

1.5.3. Basic amenities & welfare Prayer room for Muslims workers Permission for solat & Friday prayer Changing area Pantry / canteen

1.5.4. Training – shall attend Halal related training

1.6. Sanitation system

1.6.1. Environment- Clean & free pollution

1.6.2. Equipment Clean and sanitary Contain with najs mughallazah? – sertu required Appliance / brush – animal hair not allowed

1.6.3. Pest control- Record of scheduled pest control activities – internal / external

1.6.4. Cleaning schedule – monitoring records shall be maintained

1.7. Halal record

1.7.1. HALAL FILE make available update maintain

1.8. Supervision and monitoring

1.8.1. Activities related to HAS – properly record

1.9. Tools and elements of worship

1.9.1. Not allowed in processing area (receiving to transportation)

2. Specific

2.1. Basic reference

2.1.1. Compliance MS2200-2 Decision of fatwa – national / states Others related guideline and regulation

2.2. Management responsibilities

2.2.1. Establish IHC Members A chairman Halal Executive Purchasing representative Production representative Other related department (if required) Requirements At least 2 IHC members – Muslims at management leve

2.2.2. Appoint Halal Executive

2.2.3. Appoint minimum 2 Muslims workers – full time at processing area Permanent post Malaysian citizen Competent on HAS

2.2.4. Establish HAS