Authentic Assessments

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Authentic Assessments by Mind Map: Authentic Assessments

1. Processing - in Week 4 Discussion 1 the students are creating a mental model of the five common mistakes made in the evaluation process by creating examples for each of the mistakes.

2. Embodiment - in Week 4 Discussion 2 shows how the students are able to examine the previous assignments and make connections with the 5 areas of authentic assessments.

3. Content - in Week 2 Discussion 1 each of the students were encouraged to discussed what we learned about brain-based principles in our posts.

4. Emotions - in Week 1 Discussion 1 each of the students were encouraged to share with others your personal impression of the use of the portfolium

5. Context - in Week 5 Discussion 1 encourages students to create a lesson plan where the elements of the lesson plan are connected to the stages of the gradual release of responsibility concept.