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Salt by Mind Map: Salt

1. Solubility of salts

1.1. soluble salts

1.1.1. All salts of nitrate

1.1.2. All SPA salts Includes all the group 1 salts

1.1.3. Most sulfates, chloride

1.2. insoluble salts

1.2.1. barium sulfate, calcium sulfate, lead(II) sulfate

1.2.2. silver chloride, lead(II) chloride

1.2.3. most carbonates

2. Preparation of Salts

2.1. Soluble salts

2.1.1. Adding insoluble excess reactant metal + acid metal oxide + acid metal hydroxide + acid metal carbonates + acid

2.1.2. Titration Eg., sodium chloride (All SPA salts, including salts of Grp I metals

2.2. Insoluble Salts

2.2.1. Ionic precipitation Mixing two aqueous solution insoluble salt formed (to be filtered) aqueous solution

3. Type of Bonding

3.1. ionic bonding

3.1.1. Structure giant crystal lattice structure strong electrostatic force of attraction positive ions negative ions

3.1.2. Physical properties high melting and boiling point conducts electricity only when dissolved in water or molten insoluble in most organic solvent

3.1.3. Drawing dot and cross diagrams

4. Separation Tehnique

4.1. crystallisation