Computer Programs and Programming Language

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Computer Programs and Programming Language by Mind Map: Computer Programs and Programming Language

1. Overview of computer program and programming language

1.1. Computer program

1.1.1. set of instructions that the computer needs to follow to process the data into information.

1.2. Elements of Computer Program

1.2.1. INPUT(mouse) PROCESSING(CPU) STORAGE(hdd,ram) OUTPUT(monitor)

1.3. Programming language

1.3.1. system of signs used to communicate a task/algorithm to a computer, causing the task to be performed

1.3.2. 3 level programming languange machine language(binary code) low level language(human language) high level language (c++,java

2. Programming Language Paradigms

2.1. A model for a class of programming language that share a common characteristics and its differences

2.2. Common Paradigm language

2.2.1. Imperative paradigm Describe how the computer should achieve solution Example of languages : C, Pascal, FORTRAN, ALGO 60 & COBOL

2.2.2. Object-oriented paradigm Based on imperative / procedural style with added data & code abstraction & encapsulation Example of languages: Smalltalk, C++ & Java

2.2.3. The logic paradigm A declarative and relational style of programming Example of language : Prolog

2.2.4. The functional paradigm Based on the concept of functions in mathematics Examples of languages : Haskell, ML, LISP & Scheme

3. Programming Application Domains

3.1. Domain

3.1.1. Scientific Application,Fortran Example app NASA, Biotech

3.1.2. Business Application,COBOL Banking

3.1.3. Artificial Intelligence,LISP,PROLOG Manufacturing, Robotic

3.1.4. System Programming,C Operating System

3.1.5. Web Software,JAVASCRIPT,PHP Internet application