Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Learning

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Differentiated Instruction by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction

1. Formative Assessments

1.1. Assesses how effective differentiated instruction is working

1.2. Different for each student

2. Group students based on learning styles and interests.

2.1. Motivation

2.1.1. Sense of belonging

3. Lesson plans based on learning styles.

4. Flexibilty

4.1. Meet the needs of students

4.1.1. Adjust methods to meet needs of students

5. Content

5.1. Blooms Taxonomy

5.1.1. Notice differences in content knowledge

5.2. Classify students by level of intellect.

6. Process

6.1. Word learners

6.2. Visual Learners

6.3. Kinesthetic Learners

7. Product

7.1. Visual Learners produce movie

7.2. Auditory learners give an oral report

7.3. Kinesthetic learners create an art project

8. Classroom Enviornment

8.1. Quiet place

8.1.1. Flexibility

8.2. Small groups

8.2.1. Based on different learning styles