Innovation ++

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Innovation ++ by Mind Map: Innovation ++

1. Mastek Customer - Revenue Enablement

1.1. Innovation Labs - Create and Monetize

1.2. Tech Research for Customer Agenda

1.3. Handle Tech Spikes

1.4. Help develope Business Cases

1.5. Introducing new Tech into A/Cs

2. Internal Facing - Automation

2.1. P/L Optimization

2.2. SAP Surround Services I/P

2.3. Automate Corporate Processes

2.4. E comm Portal to buy Services

3. Mastek Business - Differentiators

3.1. EA Strategic Tech Partner - Grow, Retain Mastek Wallet Share

3.2. IP+ Assets

3.2.1. Already Solved in some account, Generalized solution , e.g. IFRS9, Data Archival

3.2.2. TAIS business related

3.2.3. Tech Focused Mainly Cloud, Analytics

3.2.4. Data + Analytics Consulting Offerings ANaaS Plaform - Plainconcepts, ADATIS ANaaS Platform Apps IoT in Select Domains - Supply Chain GCP Migration followed by other clouds

3.3. E comm portal to sell innovation services to customer