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2012 The Way We Are by Mind Map: 2012 The Way We Are
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2012 The Way We Are

與澳洲小學學中文的學生交換 以課本主題為主,以班級/小組為單位, 透過數位說故事的方式(以照片,聲音 文字, 音樂, 影像)來呈現,與對方分享. 想法1. 固定主題,將作品完成並交換後,以留言或影片方式給予回饋. 想法2 介紹想分享的主題, 並拋出想問的問題給對方.

01 greeting

how many students in our class

how many boys/girls

greeting + 龍年祝賀詞 (影片)

My name is ...

School environment 跳跳阿蓮

04 My family

numbers of members


02 My favorite color


My favorite color is (red). Apples are (red)


To-Do list


project title?



parents note

03 I can...

my name is ...

I can dance/draw/read/sing/write.

What can you do?

I am (tall/pretty) He is (short/cute), We are heavy. They are thin.