Causes of Mental Illness in Homeless Australians

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Causes of Mental Illness in Homeless Australians by Mind Map: Causes of Mental Illness in Homeless Australians

1. Alcohol and drug use

1.1. Stressful life experiences

1.1.1. Grown up in a poor community Limited opportunities with school/university

1.2. Runs through generations of the family

1.2.1. Loss of family Family or relatiosnhip breakdowns Family violence No support or guidance Trauma

1.2.2. Not feeling safe at home

1.2.3. Using drugs and alcohol from a young age

1.3. Culture

1.3.1. Low socio-econmical behaviours

2. Lifestyle

2.1. Inadequite housing

2.1.1. Limited food and water Poor health Limited access to health facilities Hunger Weak immune system Poor diet

2.1.2. Poor hygiene More vulnerable to disease and sickness Lower life expectancy

2.1.3. Shortage of affordable housing 'Housing Crisis' Shortage of space in mental health facilaties No access to mental health facilities

2.1.4. Costs of living raising over the years

2.1.5. Previous violent/offending behaviours

2.1.6. Migration

2.2. Unsafe environment

2.2.1. Can't afford a safer/nicer community Unemployment Poor or no education Little or no employment opportunities

2.2.2. Lack of sleep/rest

2.2.3. Exposed to criminel behaviours