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Internet by Mind Map: Internet

1. Lots of people use it

1.1. 700,000,000 people

2. Transported vast amounts of information in little time

2.1. no waiting time

2.2. get things done faster

3. New Jobs

3.1. New Businesses

3.2. More employment

4. Increased productivity

4.1. helps the world advance faster

5. Entertainment

5.1. T.V. shows online

6. Social life

6.1. dating on the web

6.2. meeting new people

6.3. emailing friends

6.4. chatting

7. Looking up information

7.1. find facts fast

8. Very robust

8.1. even if a part of it breaks, it still strives and works

8.2. Very redundant

9. 1950

9.1. computers were starting to be made

10. Globally wide

10.1. connects people from all over the world

11. Education

11.1. online textbooks

11.2. web-based apps (ex: mindmeister)