What was the Compromise of 1850 and how did it attempt to decrease sectional tension?

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What was the Compromise of 1850 and how did it attempt to decrease sectional tension? by Mind Map: What was the Compromise of 1850  and how did it attempt to decrease sectional tension?

1. Compromise of 1850

1.1. Henery Clay

1.1.1. Was known as the Great Compomiser

1.1.2. Secretary of state

1.2. Stephen Douglas

1.2.1. The creator of the bills attached to the Compromise of 1850

1.3. Compromise compsied into 5 speart bills

1.3.1. Admission of California

1.3.2. Organization of Southwestern territory

1.3.3. Adjustment of the Border

1.3.4. Elimination of the slave trade in DC

1.3.5. Fugitive slave law

2. Banning slave Trade in Washington DC

2.1. Many abolitionists has settled in Washington to abolish slavery

2.1.1. They wanted Africa Americans to be Free not only in free states but throughout the entire nation.

2.2. District of Columbia

2.2.1. Elimination of slavery by the Compromise of 1850

2.2.2. Sold slaves across the nation

2.2.3. President Abraham enforced to get rid of slavery by signing the compromise of 1850.

3. Mexican Cession

3.1. Unorganized land in the west

3.1.1. Scrabble for with sates with acquire slavery

3.1.2. Sates were not developed yet in the new claimed land

3.1.3. This land was possessed by the Unites states in the year 1848

3.2. Present-day California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona

3.2.1. Claimed by Mexican American War

3.2.2. Lost land by Mexicans and Native Americans

3.2.3. The cost for this land was 15 million dollars

4. North and South

4.1. Masses amount of pressure in the Senate

4.1.1. The South threatened to secede Henry Clay if he did not come up with the compromise of 1850.

4.1.2. The Fugitive Slave Act fumed northern states. Allowed Slave catchers to enter free states

4.1.3. Remaining land would be determined by popular sovereignty.

4.2. Tensions rise with the claim with new land from the Mexican Cession

4.2.1. North and South fight for new territory fight for the decision of the states in the new territory become slave states or not

4.2.2. The south was against California from entering the union because it would unbalance the Senate

4.2.3. Increase of underground railroad abolition movements by the North because of the Fugitive Slave act

5. State of Texas

5.1. Texas was annexed and became the 26th state in the U.S.

5.2. Texas entered the union as a slave state.

5.3. Geographical boundaries were created once the Compromise of 1850 was published.

5.3.1. The new boundaries ran by Greenwich to the Gulf of Mexico

5.3.2. New claim of Texas and the readjustment of Texas boarder established a territorial government for New Mexico.

5.3.3. The President has have approved the act of general assembly of Texas by accepting these decisions.