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The Impact of Facebook by Mind Map: The Impact of Facebook
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The Impact of Facebook

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Current Friends

Academic Discussions (Homework Assignments)

Instantly Share Thoughts and Ideas

Contacting Forgotten Friends

Contacting Foreign Friends

Finding New Old Friends

Easily Discover Latest Updates From Old Friends



Fun Games

Various Applications


Free & Mobile

Can Connect on Mobile Devices

No payments, nor charges of any sort.

Chat and Share Anywhere, Anytime

Being Free & Mobile = More People

Speed of Communication

Instant Posting and Viewing

Latest News and Notifications

Chatting and Messaging as the Quickest Way of Connecting

Immediate Global Connection


Follow Important People

Favorite Celebrities' Actions

Advocating Politicians' Ideas

Subscribe for Continuous Updates


Advertisement, Surveys, and Polls

Advertise Events

Political Campaigns

Interview a Huge Number of People Gobally

Share Opinions Internationally


Groups and Pages

School-Related Groups

Fan Pages

Public Announcements

School Groups

Protected Privacy

Safe System of Keeping Passwords and IDs

Manipulate the Audiences of All Your Posts

Everyone's Individual Account Ensure ProtectedSeparateness



Your Organized Profile

Academic Purposes

Share Your Interests and Talents

Simple Template for People to Know You