"Driving While Stupid"

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"Driving While Stupid" by Mind Map: "Driving While Stupid"

1. Experience

1.1. Boston

1.1.1. Motorists

1.2. Italy

1.2.1. Everyone has to be in front

1.3. China

1.3.1. Fight for space on road

1.4. Argentinean City

1.4.1. Speed-racers; no headlights

2. Miami

2.1. Police have given up

3. Story about driver

3.1. 600 mph

3.2. Video on sun visor

4. Main point

4.1. In order to operate a vehicle, you must see where you are going so that you can steer

4.2. Drivers are too busy doing something else that doesn't allow for hands on the wheel