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Road Map to SELLING a HOME by Mind Map: Road Map to SELLING a HOME
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Road Map to SELLING a HOME



Explain Contract / Disclosures

Discuss Marketing Strategy

Analyze market conditions, Buyer or Seller Market

Compile information for House Binder


PRICING, BPO / CMA / Appraisal, Pricing to Condition, Pricing and Improvements, Seller's Net Sheet Estimate

MARKETING, Home Inspection, Home Warranty, Staging, Improvements to home / cosmetic, Open House, Neighbor's Open, Public Open, Artist's Exhibit open, Twilight Open, Wine/Cheese Open, By Invitation Only Open, Yard SIgns, QR Codes on Yard Post, Capture Number, Internet Marketing, Syndication Web Sites, Individual Sites, Craigslist, Social Media Marketing, MLS Listing, You Tube, Blog, Local REALTORS, Broker's Open, Phone Calls, Referral Network, Flyers, Virtual Tours, Video Tours, Provide House Binder, Floor Plan if deemed necessary

NEGOTIATING / HANDLING CONTRACT, ANALYZE BEST OFFER, Buyer Qualifications, Best Closing Date, Escrow Check, Type of Offer / Loan, Is Buyer Pre-Qual or Pre-Approved?, Which Mortgage Company is used, RATIFIED CONTRACT, Contingencies, HOA / Condo Re-sale Doc / Doc REview, Appraisal, Conventional Appraisal / loan or cash, VA Appraisal (safe, sound, stable), FHA Appraisal (safe, sound, stable), Financing, Cash, Conventional, VA Financing, FHA Financing, Assumed Loan, Rent to Own, Owner Financing, 203K Loan, Other, Home Inspection, Termite Inspection, Radon Testing, Lead Base Paint Testing, Other Issues, Survey Issues, Title Issues, Termite Issues, Mold Issues, Septic Issues, Records Issues, Permit Issues, Zoning Issues, Coordinate Closing Process and Deadlines, Verify "selling agent" is following process, Verify Title Company is following process, Verify buyers Mortgage is on track, Follow up on Home Inspection Issues, Attend Appraiser Appt, Remove Contingencies, CLOSING, HUD-1 review, Verify Final Walk Through is Satisfactory



Showing Instructions, Children, Pets, Time of Day, Valuables

Buying your New Home

Moving Out

Sorting Items, Packing, Giving Away, Yard Sale, Donations

Hiring Movers

Switching Utilities